CICI Zhu Music

CICI Zhu’s debut EP ‘Voyage’ is a reflection of our journey on this earth, in this universe.

“We go through woods, tunnels, waterfalls and fire to collect experiences, emotions and memories, good and bad, to form what we call “life”. We are all travelers in this world with different purposes, some leave legacies behind, some merely just want to be observers or passengers. We live our lives to the fullest while we are here, because at the end of the voyage, we all end up where we began, just a chant, a breath.”


Viral Hiphop Remixes

Silk Road on Earmilk 

“…Opting to omit vocals for the most part, the most endearing part of “Silk Road” is how engaging it is without having to provide words. Partially known for her keen abilities as a vocalist, Cici Zhu’s abilities as a beat maker are the headline here as she pulls from different parts of her heritage to provide unique sounds. Taking center stage in the production is her guzheng, a traditional Chinese instrument that she blends beautifully with the trap-inspired production that sits behind it. Meshing those two qualities together results in a sound that’s not very common, but also sounds familiar at the same time, providing a duality that’s often tough to accomplish when producing mainstream music.”


Ashton Howard

CICI Zhu grew up between two worlds: her family’s deep ties to Chinese traditional music and the years she spent soaking up producing electronic music.

Born in Shanghai, grew up in London, currently based in London and Shanghai. CICI Zhu, a multicultural music producer and vocalist whose music integrates the Ancient Chinese sound Guzheng with modern production to create what she calls “Zhengtronic”.

After spending 8 years on studying yoga around the world, and launching “Music Education 4.0” initiative in China, CICI returned to her own music with a much more diverse sound, carving her ethnic identity into her hybrid music.

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