Cici Zhu, known for her unique sound that fuses contemporary culture with the ancient Chinese instrument, the Guzheng – a string instrument dating back two thousand years. Born in Shanghai, during her tween years, she moved to the UK with her mom and lived in the Camden area in London, a cultural melting pot. Inspired by the variety of experimental and cutting-edge music she was hearing, Cici began learning how to write and produce, experimenting with various musical styles.

Cici took part in various projects as a member of bands and as an upcoming solo artist before moving to Brooklyn, New York. During the Covid lockdown, she reintroduced the Guzheng back into her life. Born out of frustration and uncertainty of the pandemic, Cici started posting videos of herself playing the Guzheng on social media as a means of journaling and navigating her emotions during those dark days. The Guzheng gave her calm, solace, and a means to share and express herself creatively with anyone who might also gain some calm and tranquility from the ancient instrument.

Enjoying her journey and ability to share and connect with fans directly, Cici continues to post herself playing the Guzheng fused with many of her musical influences and releases her own genre-agnostic music. She now engages with over 350K followers around the world and has accumulated hundreds of millions of views across various platforms. Cici’s music has resonated with fans worldwide, earning her a dedicated following and recognition as a talented musician with a unique sound.