Cici Zhu is an exceptional music producer and performer. Her style is unique and diverse. She provides classical Chinese Guzheng (Chinese harp) performance combined with her electronic set up. 

Born in Shanghai, grew up in London. Cici Zhu trained in ballet and hiphop, guzheng and piano from a very young age. She started producing music at the age of 14, she loved listening to NERD, Timbaland, Pharrell, Missy Elliott, DMX, WuTang, Lauren Hill, Massive Attack, Eryka Badu, The Prodigy, and a wide variety of commercial and underground music. At the age of 18, she went on to study music production, where she graduated with First-class honors degree. After university, she took on many music projects: joined an electronic girl band, toured Portugal, Spain, Germany, and UK; 1/2 member of a hiphop duo, and collaborated with an all-girl rock band. Along the way, Cici started bringing guzheng into her music. 

Shortly after that, Cici was signed to an independent music label in China, but after a few months, she recognized that this wasn’t a good match and decided to turn her attention to music education. She launched a “Music Education 4.0” initiative in China and created music production content for elementary, middle, and high school students to explore and embrace their creativity.  

In 2019, Cici returned to music, with a much more diverse sound, carving her ethnic identity into her hybrid music – integrating guzheng, an ancient Chinese instrument, with modern sound to create “Zhengtronic.” During the pandemic, she released her first Zhengtronic EP “Voyage.”